Nemere Trail

Today, is an ongoing issue the environmental policy and environmental awareness. How can we build with the environmental systems a cost - effective and new space for ourselves? How can make the environment a profitable business? I always thought about the Earth as a living being, a single, coherent whole. If you cause damage to the Earth, every living creature on it is going to feel it. Therefore, it is essential to protect the Earth, to give to our children in a livable form.

Everyone can do something to protect the Earth, for example, we made the <strong>Nemere Trail</strong> green road. Focusing on the theme of Green Road, the focus is mainly on mineral water and mansions, because this region is very rich in both of them. With so many attractions and hiking trails it offers for the travelers almost limitless opportunities to hike, ride a bike. Since spring 2013 is available the route presentation video too.
In the video  were presented the important heritage ( some mansions, churches ) , institutions ( eg museums, cultural centers ) , our natural resources ( mineral waters , spas , forests ) , a number of local farmers / producers ( oyster mushrooms, beekeeping, carpentry, brickmakers, apple juice maker, blacksmith and cheese maker ) and a small part of the fauna  (marten , owl , stork , bear etc. ) as well. Thinking about the tourists the film can be viewed with English subtitle. In the film, it was demonstrated that a tourist when arrives to our region what can he see during a day or two visit. The protagonist was <strong>Ieva Brikmane</strong> Latvian EVS volunteers in whose eyes the viewer can follow this beautiful landscape.

The real impact on this region of the Nemere Trail will be more tourists, but we should not forget about the people living in the region, as we often meet with people who are completely unknown about the surrounding countryside. With the regularly organized bicycle tours can be recognized this phenomenon. It is enough if we think about the Mill bath, the centuries-old churches or Zágoni Mikes oak. These areas remained of great importance, as it is important for wildlife feeding and egg-laying sites for nature conservation as well. Along the road you can find pheasants, hares, foxes, wild cats, ferrets, badgers, weasels, and a large number of birds. We can see predators like the imperial eagle, hawk. Here nestled the Falcon, the kestrel. But it is not enough if the arriving tourists will see only the built and natural heritage. It is important to spend more time and therefore we included in the video various country houses, art galleries as well. It is essential that the arriving tourists to learn about the traditions of our towns, the people who live here. Hikers will always be captivated by the beauty of the landscape.

With the trail we increase our economy, including tourism attraction, and in parallel we achieve the strengthening of social identity. It should be emphasized that, contrary to the general understanding of the region the positive image should be not important only outward. We think it is not enough to build a route and to let to be slowly forgotten. Must be continually developed step by step.

Enjoy browsing and strolling all our Green fellow travelers!

Author: Attila Ráduly