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At home

After seven months in Romania, it was time for me to come back home.

Citizenship can be FUN !

This week was the opportunity for me to participate to a youth exchange.

Indeed, my boss, Attila, proposed me one month ago to go in Hungary with four other people to represent Romania during this little project of one week. I didn’t hesitate one second, especially because it would be about ecology.

Danube delta and Black sea!!

Two weeks ago my parents visited me. So I took an all week of holidays to spend the most of time with them. It was a crazy but also a fantastic week!!

First stop of our travel: Bucharest! Lot of people said me that the city was not nice. Actually it is! Like every big cities, you just have to be lost to discover very beautiful places. In old and little streets you can find pretty houses with Romanian architecture (lot of different colors and sculptures on the outer wall), but also inspiration from Western Europe and Orient.

On the Nemere Trail!

As you know, the main aim of our project is to promote the bicycle road that green sun and other associations created last year.

On mid-term meeting!

Discoveries, sharing, meeting, talking and thinking are the watchwords of these four last days.

Be an EVS volunteer means participating to two different meeting during your project. Time for everyone to meet other EVS volunteers who are in the country. Speak about your aims, your project and your desires but also discover a lot of different cultures and speak about different point of view.

Dracula and other discoveries!

With the beautiful and warmer weather, time to enjoy our environment is coming and we take full advantage!

As the snow and the cold were there we had time to learn to know our town but it’s almost everything. But since beginning of April, Gema, Manue and me, we like to go outside of our, very familiar, universe now.

French event!!

This is the second year that green sun association welcomes young people for an EVS program.

Last year, Gayane and Ieva, the last two girls who participated to an EVS program, began to make an event: the national evenings. A day where a volunteer who is in Romania at this time, come in Keszdi and makes a little conference, show a typical dance and some culinary specialties from his country. They made five different evenings: Latvian, German, Kurdish, Turkish and Armenian, with a lot of success every time.

Adventure continue

Finally, I didn’t know anything about this country before coming.

For example, I didn’t know that I don’t will meet only Romanian. Several communities are in Romania. Romanian, of course. Gypsy people, who seem not to be accepted anywhere in fact. But also German and Székely people. It’s with this last one that I learn to know this country and its history.