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Life after EVS

After 3 weeks back in France, I can say that my EVS was a great experience. I was surprised of the number of persons who came for our goodbye party. I learned a lot during these 11 months in Romania, in contact with the people, with all the activities and projects we had with Green Sun. I’ve seen landscapes, places, monuments that I had never thought I would see! I want to thanks all the persons who participate with us in the project and accompanied us.

This is the end

Time has come to go back home. I have mixed feelings, a lot of things can change in your life during 11 months! For sure, I will not forget Romania. I feel more confident in me, and I’m more independent than before.

Joyeux noël

In France, for Merry Christmas we say ‘’Joyeux noël’’.

During December, we have the Chirstmas markets : it’s a street market associated with Christmas originated from Germany and Austria and east region of France like Alsace, Lorraine and Savoy, the christmas market starts in the east of France (Alsace) and spread in all France. Traditional products made by artisans on the theme of Christmas. Now you can see more products from China then real artisanal products.

There and back again

One month ago I didn’t wanted to evocate the fact that I needed to leave Romania. In one year, you have time to create your habits, your little community.

It’s a part of the EVS: the fear of the unknown when you arrive and the fear of leaving what you know here.

Now I’m more comfortable with this situation. I’m prepared and I need to be awarded that I leave. My family and friends ask me: "When you come back?", or "We will make a party!".

I’m thinking about all the persons, objects that I let in France and that I will find back at my return.

Training in Liepaja - Latvia

I had the chance last month to participate in a training called "Include your will power" in Latvia. I have to tell that before going there, I had a little apprehension, especially concerning activities that we have to do for children and youngsters with disabilities.

Finally, it was a great experience to create and make activities with them, they were very happy to play with us and they really enjoyed this moment, and I’m very pleased about that. Each of the participants kept very good memories about our work with disable adult and children.

Losses and Gains

Several times here, I ask this question:
Am I still myself here?
Are your personality defined by peoples, objects who surround you?
Or your habits? :

My dog crying at me when I arrived home at the wheel of my Peugeot.
My father reading his Moto Magazine on the sofa.
My mother playing on the computer with her cigarette.
The stinky smell of cheese when I open the fridge.
My bass guitar on my hand in the middle of the night.

It’s hard to leave your habits but you can deal with it. And in a way it makes you more free and independent. But I didn’t thought it will be so hard!

Travelling in Romania

This month, I received a visit from my family. It was an opportunity to share with them my experience of Romania and also to travel and discover the country.

Among these discoveries, the Danube Delta was unique! A boat trip through the arms, lakes and swamps of the Delta. Also we discovered the city of Sibiu, which my guide indicates as the most beautiful city in Romania. And indeed, she deserves it!

Another discovery, the cuisine! With traditional dishes like Tochitura, Placinta cu Branza or the Papanasi.

Hogy mondják magyarul?

One of the objectives of the EVS is to integrate into the host country, including appropriate language and this month, it was the end of the Hungarian lessons!

First of all, I want to thanks Eszter for giving us her time, and I've learned here in Romania that it is not so easy to teach your native language. Now that I have the basics of Hungarian, it belongs to me to improve it!

It will be difficult, because I use a lot of English and few Hungarian.
And I must admit that Hungarian is particularly difficult.

Carpathians Carpets

One of the things that will remain graved in my memory when I will think about Romania and Transylvania… Something unusual and specific to Romania is ... the sound of beating carpets from the windows of communist blocks!

The sweet sound of the carpet’s beating in the morning (very soon…) until the evening and the shimmer of dust escaping from the carpets and glittering on the sun...!

Welcome to Romania!!! :-D

Discover Romania

A lot of travels since my last article!

First, I was in Baia Mare and Kolozsvar, visit other EVS volunteers in Romania.

One thing (among many) concerning EVS is that you meet a lot of volunteers and create new friendships. And in Baia Mare and Kolozsvar there are a lot of volunteers and a lot of movements! It was good for me to be in big cities and enjoy the rush.

Kolozsvar is a beautiful city, I hope to get there again, but there are so many things to see in Romania… and so many travels to plans!