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Far from you


Today I write far from you all, finally I’m at home. After long time being part of your community I needed a little time to organize my mind. Last days in Kezdi were so good for me, I discover more about this beautiful land and also about me.

Time to go back

My EVS is over! I had passed 11 months living in a foreign country! This time gave me a lot of knowledge for my future life. I’m very happy to have chosen this experience in my life. When I said to my family and friends that I will go to Romania for all this time, they were very surprised, some of them even angry, like my mother. Now I realize that it was the best option and it was worth it.

This sentence is perfect to describe my experience:

“Sometimes people around you won’t understand your journey, they don’t need to, it’s not for them”

Christmas time

This year was different for everything, so lets see how is for Christmas, for the moment I enjoy a lot the snow, and the landscape, is amazing to see the field all in white. I would like to explain you all how is this time in my home place...

Some traditions: here and there

In the last weeks I had the opportunity to see some traditions here in Szeklerland.

Firstly, how families are doing the traditional pig slaughter. In my family, since I have memory, I remember this day with special affection. For me this day meant that all the family would be together. We used to do it during the weekend, in that way the entire cousins could be together and help the family. So that’s why I was so interested to see how the families are doing this here. I can say it was totally different, and I was surprised in this day, anyway it was very interesting for me.


“Some experiences will go with you all your life”

EVS will be for me one of this. Is not something I can forget, now it’s part of my life.
EVS is making an effect in my life. Its learn and discover (about yourself and others, about the country, culture, etc) it’s a mix of words like: friendship, know, grow, change, give, receive, surprise, chance, find, follow, think, happiness, enjoy, overwhelm, cry, lose, fight, organize, laugh, magic, tolerance, team work, empathy, values, miss home…that’s why is an effect because is an infinity of things.

Still discovering Szeklerland

Igen, after nine months, of course, there are things to discover. Is about the background of this special land. I like to read about the history, economical and social situation to discover more about the place where I live and to understand better the opinion of the people.

Live outside to know yourself

Not so much time ago I read an article about live outside your country. I felt totally indentify with it. My first experience was in Poland, but quite different from what I’m living now. Here the time is longer and I’m doing a lot of different things. But it’s true that the best way to know yourself is to live in another country. In this case you are living thousands of situations in a different culture, around people who don’t speak your language, different point of view about the life, humor, etc.

Carpe diem

After Elaine left, I realized how time flies. Seven months has passed since I’ve been in Romania. The EVS experience became more and more interesting for me, and I'm very happy to have chosen this opportunity.

During last days of august took place in Kezdi some events very interesting. Green Sun Association participated in the potatoes festival and also we had a stand two days with the participation of a lot of children. There were also some interesting concerts and a little market with a lot of beautiful products.

August...a busy month

The month of August has been a busy month for me. It began with the bicycle tour, I was in the organization and I think it was going very well, I'm happy with the team I had around me. I hope everyone would enjoy it. Very soon will be the next one, we will wait for you!

At this event was where I had known the opportunity to travel to Hungary to participate in a training belonging to the Youth in Action program. I loved the idea, and of course I accepted.

Hogy vagy? Vs Ce mai face?

After 15 Hungarian lessons, this language became more familiar ... although sometimes it seems impossible to learn it, but I think nothing is impossible if I'm motivated. I have to confess that at first I was quite negative with this language, I was thinking more in Romanian, but after a few months living here I realized that Hungarian would be important to learn to communicate with local people.