The image of Nemere Trail

Civil Federation of Covasna County held on 14 November, in the conference room of the Arcade House from Saint George, a conference whose main theme was communication.
On the event Ráduly Attila the president of Green Sun association presented the design, image of the Nemere Trail which was marked in the previous years.

Presenting the Nemere Trail movie in Turóczi Mózes school

On the week of School in another way saying yes at Bálint Judit`s German teacher invitation the Green Sun Association volunteers presented the Nemere Trail movie for the schoolers from the 8 grade.

The photos from the event can be checked at the Facebook page of the association.

Post-edition on the Nemere Trail

The newest book of the Green Sun Association has come out with the title Nemere Trail: Green Road – rural development.

Leafing through the brochure illustrated by photos we can get a glimpse into the world of green roads, into the process of coming to shape of the Nemere Trail (the longest green road in the Three Chairs region), our attention is brought to exploring the opportunities lying in these types of trails and to their positive effects. The 100-page book was edited by Ráduly Attila.

The Nemere Trail on screen

This week, on 28th, at Vigadó, Green Sun Association, with the support of the Community Foundation Háromszék and the Youth in Action program presented the Nemere Trail movie.

Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the facebook page of the association

Nemere Trail – movie presentation, photo exhibition

Green Sun Association kindly invites you to the premiere of their documentary called “Nemere Trail”, which will take place in exhibition hall of Vigadó at Kézdivásárhely on 28th May, 6 PM. A photo exhibition will be part of the premiere. Everyone is welcome! The entrance is free.

Sponsors: Community Foundation Háromszék, Youth in Action program and Vigadó

Media sponsors: Profi Radio, Transindex, Szék-helyek,, Székely Hirmondó, Siculus Radio, Polyp Tv, Háromszék.

Translated by Péter Csilla

Know the Nemere Trail-Caravan

At the end of November the Green Sun Association organized a guide caravan about Nemere Trail (handed over on 28th November), this took place in educational institutions of Háromszék.

The photos about the caravan are on view on the Facebook page of Green Sun Association.

Nemere Trail presentation at Petőfi Sándor school in Kézdivásárhely

As in all Romania this was the week - school without the books; on the 4th of April representative from Green Sun Association - Ráduly Attila and two EVS volunteers Ieva Brikmane (Latvia) and Gayane Asatryan (Armenia) was visiting Petőfi Sándor school in Kézdivásárhely (Târgu Secuiesc).

Photos taken at this event can be seen on the facebook page of the Green Sun Association.

Presentation of the Nemere Trail in Covasna

It was the common dream of the Green Sun Association and the Cholnoky Jenő Geographical Association to create the Nemere Trail, the longest green trail in the Three Chairs region, which wouldn’t have come into existence without the support of the Environmental Partnership Foundation, Tusnád Mineral Water Rt. and Communitas Foundation.

Green Days 2nd number is out

In the newest print of the Green Sun Association we can read about the charity night from Uzon, drawing exhibitions, Büdös Hegy and KSE days, Nemere trail III and „Tiszta Feketeügyet” camp programs, and many others.

Nemere trail was assigned

On september 28th in the organisation of Green Sun Association Nemere Trail’s assignment and blessing was held at the yard of Cseh – Kühnle house.
Photos made at the ceremonial assignment can be seen on the facebook page of Green Sun Association!

Invitation – Nemere Trail

We invite you with love and respect, to the ceremonial presentation of Nemere Trail project.

Location and time: The court of Kühnle mansion, Szentkatolna, 28th of September 2011 (Wednesday)

Ceremonial welcome speech : Tusa Levente major of Szentkatolna
Singing: Baróthi Johanna, from Szentkatolna, student in Nagy Mózes School
Ráduly Attila Green Sun Association’s president presents the project.
Porczel Beáta Anchor in Profi radio - spouting

Nemere Trail Camp with beautiful sights

On 13-14 August took place the designation of the last part of Nemere Trail green route. The main sponsors of the IV. Nemere Trail Camp were Enviromental Partnership Foundation and Tusnád Ásványvíz Rt.

Photos taken at the event can be viewed here.

4th Nemere Trail Camp- Maksa

The Green Sun Association and the Cholnoky Jenő Geographic Society organizes the 4th and at the same time the last Nemere Trail Camp at 13-14 August, with the support of Enviromental Partnership Foundation and Tusnád Ásványvíz Rt.

Nemere Trail Camp abundant in sunshine

We continued to mark the Nemere Trail ‘green track’ on 9th and 10th July. The main sponsors of the third Nemere Trail Camp were the Polgár-Társ Alapítvány (‘Polgar Tars’ Foundation) and the Tusnád Ásványvíz Rt. (Tusnad Mineral Water Joint Stock Company)

Photos taken at the event can be seen here.

Nemere Trail Camp with plenty of rain

On 7th-8th May the Green Sun Association organized the first camp of Nemere Trail in co-operation with partner associations. The main sponsors of the two-day tour were the Polgár-Társ Alapítvány and Tusnád Ásványvíz Rt.

The photos made during the event can be viewed here.